mardi 29 avril 2014

KV Sim - Miss Fashion 2014 - Dolce Cleo - White Pearl

DRESS: Dolce Cleo - White Pearl
This dress is inspired to Angelo Mozzillo.
It's been exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it's sold in a special shop reserved to all the dresses shown in Miss Fashion, you will find it here:
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More info about Miss Fashion 2014 here:
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Something about this dress:
Angelo Mozzillo had a romantic bride in mind but a little different from the traditional, a diversity underlined by the particular hat and the single flower that come over the traditional veil and bouquet.
Made of soft white silk with lace inserts depicting roses,
The same roses that are on the tulle train, on the veil that falls softly from the breast, on the gloves and on the veil.
Enriched by applications in white mesh flowers.

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