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EVENT DATE: August1st-26th

Name of the item:  Instinct - Ankle belt
Collection: Original/ 2017
Category: Accessories-Women
100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.

Most of the time a belt is a necessity...for keeping things together or for holding things up. Well, now it's time for the belt to come into it's own as a a fashion accessory. Tie a cute little belt around your ankle or ankles and dare to be different. Belt up....okay I will!

Hud driven : 8 color options for the buckle.
Fatpack comes with full HUD (8 options for buckle + 8 for the strap)

Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials)
Perms: Copy and mod.

You can modify the item and customize it to your liking. (See the 'Customisation Tricks" Notecard for that.)

For any question, contact Trinity Yazimoto by IM (no notecard please, as they are often eaten by SL and I can't read or answer them from my mailbox).

jeudi 15 juin 2017

-monaLISA@The Avenue June 2017 round

-ml - Levi dress
Belleza Freya, Venus & Isis
SLink Physique & Hourglass
Tonic Curvy & Fine
10 colors HUD

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mardi 13 juin 2017

PC Cameo Headband Fatpack

Original mesh and texture with the best quality and the best performance for your avatar :

-- Footwear
-- Accessories
-- Jewellery

All our items are materials enabled.

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Du 1er au 26 juin

PC The Cherry Hat

Vous trouverez cet article a l'event The chapter four : TCF du June, 4-30 th

Name of the item:  The Cherry Hat
Collection: Original/ 2017
Category: Accessories
100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.

Cherries and a straw hat. That's a recipe for summer. Just the thing for attending the summer picnic and covering up from the hot sun but looking fashionable. Goes great with cherry accessories. Just like the slot always win with cherries!

Hud driven : 8 color options for the rattan and 8 for the strap

Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials)
Perms: Copy and mod.

You can modify the headband and customize it to your liking. (See the 'Customisation Tricks" Notecard for that.)

mardi 6 juin 2017

Face a la mer ...

Tenue : - Safira - Ellie Dress SAFIRA
Cheveux : TRUTH Scout - Grayscale TRUTH
Chaussures : N-core KAREN "Fatpack" (Old group gift) N-CORE

samedi 20 mai 2017

Pack Bloggers Selene Creations-Doriane

Tenue : Pack Bloggers Selene Creations-Doriane SWANK SELENE CREATIONS
cheveux : TRUTH Evelyn -  black & whites TRUTH
Tattoo : [White~Widow] Charade - Black - RARE

dafnis fat pack cyndy

Tenue : dafnis fat pack cyndy DAFNIS
Cheveux : TRUTH HAIR Miriam -  black & whitesTRUTH
Tattoo : [White~Widow] Charade - Black - RARE

dimanche 7 mai 2017

PC Flowery Sandals Fatpack

Sandals always mean summer to me. They need to be comfortable yet stylish. These Flowery Sandals work in both categories. Simple straps with flowers attached with a nice cushioned sole.  they look good with that new pedicure and the new outfit. Grab a pair and match your summer look perfectly.

Hud texture :6 colors options for sole, 8 colors options for each flowers- metals, 4 options.
Fatpack comes with 10 color options for the straps on the HUD.

Rigged version for : Belleza, Maitreya and Slink feet (Mesh feet not included).

There is also an unrigged version, modifiable for any other mesh feet not listed above.

It's always better to use an Ankle lock with shoes, specially with the non rigged version.

Althought they will appear no mod in your inventory due to the script permissions, the mesh are fully mod.
This mean you may also delete the bump and shiny maps if you dont enjoy this feature.

10 versions available : Cherry, Anthracite, Cobalt, Coffee, Grass, Greenery, Kaki, Peach, Taupe and Teal (those are the colors of the straps).
Fatpack available

Demo available on the vendor menu (touch the vendor and follow the menu) including one shoes for each size with a random color setting. You may try the hud inworld on our display model
Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials)

Perms : Copy and mod.

The event : The Chapter 4 : THE CHAPTER 4
Dates : May, 4-20 th

PC Flowery Jewellery Full set

ame of the item : Flowery Jewellery set
Collection : 2017
Category : Jewellery
100 % original mesh and textures created by Trinity Yazimoto.

With this latest design from Petit Chat you'll feel like Maria from West Side Story who said that she felt pretty. Oh so pretty! With delicate petals adorning neck and wrist you will bring with you the feel of spring and summer. The main flower is braced with two smaller flowers on the necklace and the three branded bracelets have the same main flower. With the choice of subtle and bold colours to match your outfit you will definitely say "Such a pretty me!"
Necklace and Bracelets. Can be purchased separately or as a full set.
Hud texture :8 colors options for big flowers- Metals, 4 options. (necklace has 8 more colors for the smaller flowers)
One single version (Full texture hud)
 The Event : The Old Fair :


Dates : May, 4-25 th

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