mardi 11 février 2014

Miss Fashion 2014 - orelana resident

Orelana resident
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why do you represent the style of Yohji Yamamoto in this way?

- Yōhji Yamamoto is known for his avant-garde tailoring featuring Japanese design aesthetics.Constantly exploring the relationship between the masculine and the feminine, Yamamoto makes clothes for women with an artistic or intellectual bent. That's the aspect of his work i wanted to highlight.

- why do you join the Miss Fashion 2014 Contest?

- Miss Fashion 2014 Contest is a good opportunity for measuring my strength against experimented models and to evaluate if i make progress in my styling.

- what is the Fashion for you?

Fashion is a mix of grace and personnality. A way to show that even strong personnalities can be elegant and girly.

- what would winning mean to you?

Winning would be the best reward compared with efforts and sacrifices i accomplished and a nice motivation for the contests i could join in the future.

- what are the qualities that a Miss should have?

Beside technical aspects (edition of accessories,pose, walk...) i think a Miss should be herself, simply. Reflecting her personnality through the outfits she creates. Being a Miss doesn't mean becoming somebody else. Just being honest in the way she works.

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